About Posedio GmbH

Posedio is an IT consulting company focusing on the cloud transformation and cloud enablement of its partners. Regardless the size of the problem at hand we cover the entire lifecycle of the software: from architecting and creating the cloud infrastructure through setting up monitoring and alerting to deploying containerized applications at scale we got everything covered. We look for challenges and strive to deliver better solutions every day.

About the authors

Tamas Neumer profile

Tamas Neumer

Cloud Engineer
Posedio GmbH

Tamas Neumer started his career with rapid prototyping for the automobile industry in München. From there on his focus shifted to classical backend application development, microservices and cloud applications.

Currently working as a DevOps Cloud Engineer using Kubernetes, Terraform, Vault and many more open source projects from the CNCF landscape.

Damjan Gjurovski profile

Posedio GmbH

Cloud Architect
Posedio GmbH

Damjan Gjurovski started his career as a software engineer building Java & Kotlin Web Applications in the hospitality industry. He then took on the responsibility of a full-stack engineer utilizing React in the frontend. Since entering the consulting field, his main expertise shifted to cloud-native development, DevOps and SRE topics.

Damjan has worked with some of the biggest Austrian companies and service providers in the retail, education and finance sector. He is a certified Kubernetes administrator and certified GCP Architect. He enjoys working with new, open-source cloud technologies with focus on security and scalability.

Onur Kasimlar profile

Posedio GmbH

Software Architect
Posedio GmbH

Onur Kasimlar has started his career as software engineer building business applications in the insurance industry. Later he worked as an IT consultant for several customers in the area of software migrations. In this area he gained experience with legacy systems and programming languages. After that he worked for big Austrian companies as full stack developer for Liferay. After multiple years as Liferay architect he got the possibility to work as a DevOps Cloud Engineer. In his current position he mainly supports customers in cloud migration projects.